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single in paris

(Newly) Single in Paris: How Not to be Lonely in the City of Love

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I was single in Paris, and I had a fantastic time.

After a break up, it didn’t take me long to book a flight to Europe in order to celebrate Christmas with my German friends and family, something I had wanted to do my ex for years.

What else would a newly single woman do? Not do the things she couldn’t do while in a relationship?? pssshhhhhh

The cheapest way for me to visit the western part of Germany during Christmas was to fly to Paris, then take a bus to Germany, and finally a train to my small German town.

Of course I was excited to visit a new city, but I was nervous to visit Paris because I thought Paris would be overrated. It’s no secret London wasn’t my favorite destination, yet everyone raves about the city. I thought Paris would be similar.

Paris is also the City of Love and, after the end of a 2.5 year-long relationship, I wasn’t exactly in the emotional place to celebrate love. Nonetheless, I boarded that plane prepared to be single in Paris.

Oh, and I was nervous about the “rude and snobby” Parisian stereotype…because who wants to deal with that, especially after a break up?

Being single in Paris turned out better than I expected and played a pivotal role in my recovering my self-confidence.

Why Women Should Travel Solo After A Break Up

Some women eat ice cream after a break up. Apparently I buy flights, including one to Montreal.

Every woman should do what will best help them move on from a relationship. Personally, travel is the best way for me to do that.

(Let’s be honest…travel helps solve a lot of things for me!)

Travel is a distraction from the self-pity, frustration, and other emotions experienced after a break up. It removes you from all the places you had been together as a couple and gives you the space to refocus.

No one knows your name, your story, or your relationship history in the new destination. While I encourage you to remain true to yourself and your values, I also think it’s important after a relationship to explore how you’ve grown and who you want to be. You can be the person you’ve wanted to be while abroad.

Solo travel builds your confidence, something often lacking after a break up. You’re budgeting, navigating, and communicating in an unfamiliar place all by yourself! That’s something worthy of confidence and pride.

Sometimes, we forget we’re our own person in a relationship. Solo travel gives you the chance to learn who you are again.

In the aftermath of a break up, it’s easy to wallow in the past–good and bad. Travel will help you live in the present, move on from the past, and make the moment of every experience.

This may translate into your life when you return, as it had for me. I learned from my “post-break up travels” to make the most of every opportunity. I’ve chased opportunities I never would’ve dared to chase if I were still in that relationship!

A break up is an opportunity for you to focus on yourself. Solo travel gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want, where you want. Take this time to focus on you.

How to Enjoy Being Single in Paris

I quickly realized Paris is the city of all types of love, including self-love. This doesn’t mean you have to be alone though. Here are my top tips for traveling post-break up in Paris!

Embrace the Luxury of Focusing on YOU

You’re on VACATION in PARIS! Focus every day on you.

Wake up with no alarm clock. Move your body with a morning walk, meditation, yoga, run, or other workout you enjoy.

Bring a book to a park and simply read, sip coffee, and people watch.

Shop for cute Parisian clothes (although, I suggest secondhand clothes because they’re more environmentally-friendly and cheaper). Dress up for yourself and show off your confidence and style on the streets of Paris.

Enjoy this time that you’re single in Paris to focus on you and whatever you want to do.

It’s time to say ‘heck yes’ to whatever is on your mind.

Stay in Social Settings

Since you might still be struggling to get over your ex, stay in an accommodation that allows easy opportunities to socialize.

For example, check out a hostel with a bar or find a CouchSurfing host with similar interests.

It’s a good time to try something completely new if you’ve never stayed in a hostel or CouchSurfed before!

If you really need some alone space, consider staying in a private room in the hostel or a CouchSurfing host that offers a private room.

Try Something New

Has there been something you’ve wanted to try, but never did while in a relationship?

Now is your chance!

I’ve always saw myself one day sipping on red wine and sitting on my on my balcony overlooking the ocean. One key part of this dream? Actually knowing a little something about wine.

So, I participated in a private wine and cheese tasting that I found on AirBnB!

I’m still far from a wine snob, but every bottle takes me one step closer!

Spoil Yourself with Food and Wine

Au pain croissants are my weakness and I was in the homeland of these croissants sent from heaven. I absolutely ate two men’s share of them.

In fact, my entire Parisian experience was a foodie adventure. My goal was to find the best food I could find on my college student budget. I think I was successful!

I still dream about the hot chocolate, au pain, wine, cheese fondue, and ramen I ate in Paris.

Take A Walk

It was the middle of December when I was in Paris, but I still insisted on walking everywhere.

The excessive amount of walking was partially due to my budget. Less money spent on transportation = more money on food!

Oh, and more walking = more calories burned = MORE FOOD!

On a more serious note, walking helps me think. It was hard at first to accept my flow of thoughts, but once I opened myself up to feeling all my emotions and thoughts, it was hard to stop. My long and directionless walks in Paris were therapeutic.

Sometimes I’d stop and really soak in my feelings and the surrounding world. Surprisingly, watching the world–and all the romantic and non-romantic love in it–made me realize I loved myself, I could love someone again, and someone would love me, too.

Have a Photoshoot

When I was single in Paris in December 2017, hiring a photographer was only a thing for family, wedding, maternity, or engagement photos.

Now, it’s easier than ever to find a photographer abroad to capture your memories in Paris! Here’s how:

  • AirBnB Experiences
  • The website Flytographer
  • Facebook Groups. Search international and local photography groups. If you’re on a budget, you can get a cheaper price by hiring a budding photographer
  • DIY! Set your camera on self-timer and place it somewhere. Pose away!
  • Take photos of other things. I enjoy being behind the camera more than in front of!
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Social Media Detox

This is your time to learn who you are outside your past relationship. This may require some time off social media.

While in Paris, I barely used my phone. This continued for a few weeks. I enjoyed not knowing what was happening in everyone’s lives. It was an unintentional social media detox, but I’m glad I did it.

If you find yourself constantly checking in on what your ex, or anyone else, is doing at home, maybe it’s time to put down your phone and focus on you.

What are you doing now? What are you going to do?

If you don’t have the answers yet, that’s okay. You’re single in Paris and the world is your oyster!

What other tips do you have for newly single ladies traveling abroad? Comment below!

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