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My Myro deodorant review...is it actually eco-friendly? Find out here

My Myro Deodorant Review: Is It Actually Eco-Friendly?

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If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen this deodorant all over Facebook and Instagram and wonder if this deo is the real deal. This Myro deodorant review will tell you straight–does this stuff work and is it actually eco-friendly?

“Sustainability” is now a profitable buzzword in business, so greenwashing (when businesses manipulate you by lying or over-exaggerating the truth about the sustainability of their products) is rampant. It’s harder for consumers who want to help the environment actually help the environment.

My goal with product reviews, including this one, is to break the knowledge gap so eco-conscious consumers can make the best decision for their health and the health of the planet.

I’m excited about today’s review because my zero waste journey started with deodorant and, to this day, I love trying all the different types.

So let’s get into it!

What is My Myro Deodorant?

Myro refillable deodorant has blown up on the internet (or, at least my internet) in the last few months as an eco-friendly and natural deodorant alternative.

The packaging and product are super Instagrammable, which I think drove this product to success. Seriously, the case looks like a table decoration and will definitely add to your dresser’s aesthetic. My case is in “moss green,” but other colors are available.

It’s a subscription-based service, meaning you order three pods for $10 each at a time. You can mix and match the pods from the six different scents available.

You can subscribe to receive pods every 3, 4 or 6 months. Myro also emails you a reminder before each shipment so you can change the scents or skip that order.

What Is Myro Made Of?

Myro deodorant is vegan and cruelty-free. They’re also gluten, soy, mineral oil, aluminum, and paraben free.

Check out a detailed list of the ingredients used in Myro, sourced directly from their website, in the photo below!

While the ingredients are great, the packaging raises issues.

The container and pods are made of #2 plastic.

Although this type of plastic is accepted at most community recycling centers, and it’s not technically single-use plastic, Myro deodorant still produces plastic waste. Recycling is not the answer to the environmental crisis. (Kathryn from Going Zero Waste explains why perfectly here)

Myro advertises that their pods use 50% less plastic than regular deodorant, which I believe is true. However, in my opinion, it’s not good enough.

Plus, recycling the pods requires washing the pods with soap and water. This is an additional step that, frankly, many people probably won’t do.

The subscription box is well-designed, but not eco-friendly. The box is glossy, which means more resources went into the creation of the box. Glossy boxes are more difficult to recycle and many community recycling centers don’t accept them.

Ideally, Myro will either switch their pods to a plant-based and compostable version or establish a return and refill system for the pod cases.

How to Use It?

One of the biggest attractions to Myro, in my opinion, is that it’s a roll-on deodorant, similar to what many people are used to.

When you first receive the packaging, you’ll pop one of the pods into the case.

To use, roll the deodorant on your armpit, about 2 or 3 swipes under each armpit. The deodorant works best when the underarm is clean and dry.

Myro suggests one pod lasts one month, but I used mine for about two months.

Does Myro Deodorant Work?

I ordered the Myro deodorant kit during an Earth Day sale, which include the Cabin No. 5 scent.

Cabin No. 5 should smell like mountain air. Instead, I smelled like sitting-in-an-enclosed-space-after-hiking-all-day kind of mountain air. Not ideal.

Myro changed the ingredients of their deodorant in January 2020 so the new ingredients combination might be better. Nevertheless, I’d suggest you try a different scent.

In terms of masking scent and sweat, Myro was effective. Although I didn’t like the Cabin No. 5 scent, Myro helped me smell better after a workout than without Myro and I, overall, felt like a less sweaty human.

Myro is honestly the best zero waste deodorant I’ve found in regards to keeping my pits dry and smelling good.

How Eco-Friendly is My Myro?

I have to be honest in this Myro deodorant review, so here’s the truth–I would not recommend Myro deodorant to eco-friendly travelers.

While the deodorant is a step closer to zero waste than normal deodorant, I think the company can do better. While I wouldn’t consider their brand greenwashing, it’s also not as green as they advertise. Myro can do a lot more to “reduce, reuse, refill,” eco-values that they advertise on their website.

Plus, Myro costs more than my deodorant pre-zero waste. Cheaper and more eco-friendly deodorant options exist (you can check some of those out here). Why spend more on adequate?

What do you think of this Myro deodorant review? Have you tried Myro? Let me know in the comments below.

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Sharing is caring!

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