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meow meow tweet deodorant review

Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Review: Zero Waste Without Sweat & Smell

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After trying a handful of zero waste deodorants, I was prepared to throw my hands up in the air and give up. Was I destined to be smelly and sweaty forever? Have no fear my dear sustainable reader, this Meow Meow Tweet deodorant review will share why I believe this is one of the best zero waste deodorants on the market.

In all my zero waste deodorant reviews, I compare price*, packaging, the company, and effectiveness.

*Compared to my pre-zero waste deodorant, Secret Clinical Strength, which cost $7.95 at my local store for 1.8 oz.


The name caught my attention. Can cats and birds really be friends?

This deodorant cream comes in an easily recyclable and reusable glass container. It fits easily in travel toiletry bags.

Many of their items have bulk products available. You can buy the normal container in addition to the bulk container and refill your normal container. Once the bulk container is empty, you send it back to the company! That’s the kind of circular design I like to see. Unfortunately, not all of their products are part of the take-back program. Meow Meow Tweet is a small company, so I believe as they continue to grow they’ll expand their bulk program.

Many cosmetic products require a plastic seal on the rim for safety. Unfortunately, this rim is too small to be recycled and must be thrown away. Can you imagine all the plastic rims in the landfills from cosmetics, vitamins, and more?!

Thankfully, Meow Meow Tweet invested money into developing a recyclable and compostable alternative! I have so much respect for this small business for taking that level of corporate responsibility without actually being a big business. This sort of investment shows consumers that this company actually cares.

The actual containers come unpackaged as much as possible, leaving less waste to the consumer. The box and filling are easily recyclable or reusable.

Plus, the company is all about fun design! They include cats, birds, and other creatures we love to love doing fun things like riding bicycles and more. It’s a light-hearted design that can really brighten your day with such a mundane task!

After months of use, the designs rubbed off on my deodorant glass jar. However, this can be expected after daily use and fingers rubbing the outer design. Thankfully the printing is made with natural ingredients, so it won’t affect your health.


After trying a variety of zero waste deodorants, all with baking soda as an ingredient, I thought I’d try this baking soda-free deodorant cream a try.

To be honest, I don’t think the absence of baking soda made this cream any more effective. My pits felt moist all the time, probably because there wasn’t baking soda, but they don’t smell bad either and I wasn’t sweating profusely.

I loved the grapefruit smell and wish it was even stronger!

Meow Meow Tweet has lots of other fantastic deodorant creams available. The others all include baking soda and there’s a variety of scents. You can even purchase a non-scented version if you don’t like smells or would rather mix your deodorant cream with an essential oil to create your own smell!

Overall, this has been the most effective zero waste deodorant I’ve tried yet.


I purchased my 2.4 oz container from Package Free Shop for $14, which is the same cost on the Meow Meow Tweet website, along with other zero waste necessities I needed so that I got free shipping.

Package Free Shop only sells the small containers, but you can purchase the 9.4 oz bulk container from Meow Meow Tweet’s website for $45. Meow Meow Tweet is also sold in stores, so you can use the store locator on their website to see if anyone sells the deodorant near you.

At $5.83 per ounce for the regular sized version, or $4.78 per ounce for the bulk version, this deodorant is a little more expensive than my regular deodorant. However, I’ll gladly pay that extra price to support a small business doing good things for the planet.

The Company

The owner’s culinary background lends itself into using only the finest ingredients. In fact, they grow many of their own ingredients! The company uses vegan, all-natural, and organic ingredients for every single product.

The company strives for complete transparency about every step of their business, including the sourcing of ingredients and where the money is going. They put their money where their mouth is by investing in research to make the cosmetics industry more sustainable, such as the plastic lid I wrote about earlier, and donating to organizations doing good for the planet and communities. I loved seeing their financial support for organizations I love, such as The Ocean Cleanup and Sierra Club.

Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Review

I adore Meow Meow Tweet and everything the company is doing for the planet. Some of their other products have made me a loyal customer for life due to their quality and effectiveness. Although I’m not 100% pleased with their deodorant, I can’t quite put my finger on why.

To be honest, I’ve never been completely in love with any deodorant ever…including my pre-zero waste deodorant.

That’s why I’m giving this Meow Meow Tweet deodorant review a final score of 4/5. I’m a life-long customer of Meow Meow Tweet now. I’ll still try other zero waste deodorants, just in case I discover my perfect deo match, but I’m genuinely very pleased with my experience with this company and their products.

Ready to buy? Use this link to get to the Package Free Shop and get $10 off your purchase!

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