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Fat and the Moon Review: Zero Waste Deodorant

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Deodorant was my first zero waste swap. I searched ‘zero waste deodorant’ on Amazon and purchased Fat and the Moon. There weren’t any Fat and the Moon reviews then, but I wish there were. So, I’m writing one now!

“Sustainability” is now a profitable buzzword in business, so greenwashing (when businesses manipulate you by lying or over-exaggerating the truth about the sustainability of their products) is rampant. It’s harder for consumers who want to help the environment actually help the environment.

My goal with product reviews, including this one, is to break the knowledge gap so eco-conscious consumers can make the best decision for their health and the health of the planet.

So let’s get into it!

How to Apply Fat and the Moon Deodorant

Fat and the Moon is a deodorant cream, as are most zero waste deodorants, so it took me a few days to feel comfortable applying it.

A pea-sized amount applied to dry armpits works best. When I first started, I applied the deodorant cream in front of a mirror to ensure I’ve smeared it over my entire pit. Now, after a year of practice, application is second nature.

On particularly busy days, I found that I had to reapply the deodorant cream to keep the smell at bay. To be fair, I had to do this with my pre-zero waste antiperspirant, too.

The Packaging & Cost

You can purchase a 2oz or 6oz glass bottle of the Fat and the Moon deodorant on their website or on Amazon. They cost, respectively, $12 and $32.

I ordered my Fat and the Moon deodorant on Amazon, so it arrived in Amazon’s typical unrecyclable packaging. My sister was able to reuse the packaging, but a zero waste deodorant arriving in unsustainable shipping materials is less than ideal.

I’m unsure what the packaging looks like if you order from their website.

Glass bottles are easily reusable or recyclable.

Unfortunately, the company does not have a “give back” program so that customers can return empty containers to be reused. This would make the company even more eco-friendly, but they’re doing okay as is.

This isn’t Fat and the Moon deodorant, but you can see what I mean by a “pea-sized amount.”

What is Fat and the Moon Made Of?

Fat and the Moon deodorant is all-natural and organic.

According to their website, this deodorant is made with:

“- coconut oil
– baking soda (aluminum free)
– arrowroot powder
– beeswax
– essential oil of black pepper
– essential oil of clary sage
– essential oil of bergamot
– essential oil of tea tree
– essential oil of grapefruit.”

The deodorant smells intensely of arrowroot, which is a very different kind of smell, but not necessarily a bad one. While I liked the earthy smell, my roommate thought it smelled terrible.

Conclusion of this Fat and the Moon Review

Unless you like the smell of arrowroot, I would not recommend the Fat and the Moon deodorant.

Overall, this deodorant is more eco-friendly than other deodorants advertised as eco-friendly, such as the My Myro deodorant.

I wish a Fat and the Moon review existed when I first purchased this zero waste deodorant that explained how pungent arrowroot is. While the smell grew on me, I’ve since found other zero waste deodorants I like more and doesn’t appall my roommate.

In addition, I think the cost doesn’t match the value of this deodorant. Since finishing my supply of this deodorant, I’ve found cheaper, better smelling, and more eco-friendly deodorants (check out those here).

What do you think of this Fat and the Moon review? What other zero waste deodorants have you tried?

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Sharing is caring!

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