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January in Belarus

January in Belarus: Everywhere But Belarus

In my previous Belarus update, I was in Germany celebrating Christmas with my parents. Once they left, I planned on exploring some of Poland on my way back to Belarus, then spend the rest of my January in Belarus. Instead, I realized how deeply I missed familiarity and my friends in...

Why Study Abroad?

Our interview was going well. I had quick answers to every question. Sol, the other exchange student from Argentina, and I were enjoying our time with the reporter; we easily bounced off each other, adding more details and anecdotes to our stories. I had an answer to every question…until...

high school study abroad

This is the Best High School Study Abroad Program in 2020

When I was 16 years old, I was a foreign exchange student in Germany while in high school. Many high schoolers don’t study abroad, but they should! Today I’m sharing the best high school study abroad program and answering all your questions so you can travel abroad confidently...