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Do you want to travel adventurously and sustainably?

Me too.

I'm on a journey to zero waste while getting high & low around the globe, and I'm taking you with me.

Along the way, you'll find detailed guides, tested itineraries, honest advice, and practical tips. Wander Without Waste gives you the tools and confidence to tackle any adventure around the world and leave a meaningful impact on the planet.

Together, we'll adventure consciously.

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Recent Posts

battle of the bulge tour

Guide to Battle of the Bulge Tour in Bastogne

Battle of the Bulge was Hitler’s last offense, his last attempt at dominating Europe. The fate of the war was decided along this front. This battle was documented intensely in the popular HBO series “Band of Brothers” due to its importance. Any traveler visiting Belgium...

The Best Indian Food in Belgium: Mission Masala

There are meals that stick with you forever. My meal at Mission Masala in Ghent, Belgium is one of those meals! My Connection to Indian Restaurants I didn’t have my first Indian meal until I was 18 years old. My ex boyfriend and his family loved a local Indian restaurant and brought...

coolest bar in Ghent

The Coolest Bar in Ghent: Dulle Griet

I found the coolest bar in Ghent, but first let me tell you how I got here… An Unexpected Love Story with Belgium I love Belgium. My first visit was to a small city called Mechelen to visit some friends. That’s where my unexpected love story with Belgium began. You see, I...

March in Belarus

March in Belarus: When the World Suddenly Stopped

After seven months of teaching with Fulbright in Belarus, I was told to leave. It was March in Belarus, year 2020. I was living in an adorable 1950s apartment in a small town in Belarus, where I was trying my best to immerse into the local community and help locals learn English...

February in Belarus: An Unrecognized Good Time

The energy starts to change in February in Belarus. You’ve gotten through the worst of winter, the days start getting longer, and the early beginnings of Spring start to show. Yes, there was still snow and I still needed my parka, but there was a sign of hope that we made it through...

donate 1% to the planet

How to Donate 1% to the Planet

Besides actually voting, the most powerful vote we have is how we spend our money. That’s why many environmentalists are deciding to donate 1% to the planet. In a capitalist society, how and where people spend their money ultimately determines what business leaders do. When...

Black Friday’s Environmental Impact: How to Consciously Shop Cheaply

Black Friday’s environmental impact is hugely negative, but does that mean you’re a bad conservationist for shopping the sales? Let’s discuss. You could spend your Black Friday doing yoga on a virtual retreat! Where did Black Friday come from? This American...

The Ultimate Responsible Travel Code of Ethics

Americans are widely known to be obnoxious travelers. While traveling, I try to be a positive representative of my country and set good examples for other travelers. My summer #safeathome left me plenty of time for self-education surrounding social issues in our country. I realized that I...